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G10’s HIGH PERFORMANCE PELLETS is our new product and available in 20kg bags at £15.95 retail and £18.95 mail order.

 Pigeons enjoy the pellet and readily eat them right away as they seem to know their value. no expense was spared on the ingredients .

 We have used the finest Maize, Linseed, Wheat, Nailed Oats and Soya, plus of course an added vitamin formulation, but what makes it really special is the added Gemthepax.
 All fanciers know the value of Gemthepax for pigeons
 It has been one of the leading products in the UK for many years. It is sold worldwide and recommended by many of the countries top pigeon men and it’s use in the Premium Mixtures will benefit the birds enormously, especially in the breeding and YB mixtures.

 The use of Gemthepax during breeding has amazed fanciers since it’s introduction and we believe that youngsters fed on this will have the perfect start in life with robustness, feather quality and perfect droppings which show the fancier the benefits of using Gemthepax.

 Now you can feed it daily to your birds ensuring stimulation of the natural friendly gut flora and the reduction of harmful pathogens in the gut, improved digestion, enhanced immunity, better feather quality, robust youngsters in the nest which all lead to healthier parents and youngsters.


Our Price: £18.95