ENERGY OIL - 300 ml  

ENERGY OIL - 300 ml

Twice the Calorific value of Glucose/Carbohydrates due to having a mixture of coconut and palm kernel oils that have been extra refined and purified.
It is a clear oily fat with little odour or taste and fortified with vitamin E to ensure maximum anti-oxidant effects.

This unique mixture of fatty acids ensures quick metabolism (used efficiently by the body of the bird), which means there is a reduced amount of fat deposited and it has a calorific value of 8Kcal/ compared to glucose/carbohydrates which have 4Kcal/g.

Energy Oil also has different absorption and metabolism properties so as not to interfere with glucose/carbohydrate or other fat metabolisms, unlike other fats and Oils.

Gem Energy Oil is more readily digested, absorbed and metabolised and is instantly available for the bird when there is a need for large amounts of energy during racing, breeding and recuperation.

Simply mix 3ml per kg of corn 3 times per week.

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